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dsflashcart.com Presentation

Hello and thank you for your interest in dsflashcart.com. We provide DS Flash Cards for People all over the world.

We are a USA based company and are located in California. We send all the items from Riverside, Ca 92509 by USPS service.

All of our products are genuine and from the original official company, we do not sell fake or “knock off” products.

We only sell the top flashcarts including R4i gold (From r4ids.cn), Supercard DStwo and Acekard 2i etc.

All of our 3DS flashcards are orginally from the official team. we have test every card to make sure customers can receive the working cards.

The flashcarts we send out are all pre-flashed which means you can just download the correct latest firmware and then use it on your DS/DSi/3DS.

Which is the best flashcart for your DS/DSi/3DS console? here is the recommendation from us.

Supercard dstwo

supercard dstwo

R4i gold 3DS from R4ids.cn

r4i gold 3ds

Acekard 2i

acekard 2i

Any other questions, just come to our online store: dsflashcart.com

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